Monday, June 05, 2006

Like my new friend? LOL!!! I took this picture on the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride at Animal Kingdom. And yes, he's real. We were lucky because the giraffes were coming really close to the safari vehicles that morning.
Segways are awesome!!
Yes, that's me on a Segway. We all got a chance to ride one at Epcot. Of course the "ride" didn't last long enough. The kids and I want to take the Epcot Segway tour next time we go. We're saving our $$!! John said he liked it but not sure if he wants to pay money to go on one. He said he wasn't as "enchanted" by them as we were. So of course the whole rest of the vacation every time we did or saw something, we asked if he was enchanted yet! LOL!!

Didn't mean to disappear so quickly--I planned on posting before we left but ran out of time. We spent all day Monday (Memorial Day) in Nashville after stopping in Murfreesboro to look around MTSU (Middle TN State Univ). Alex is getting excited about going off to college. I'm happy for him but know I'll be crying when he goes. After looking around MTSU, we went to OpryMills Outlet Mall and to The OpryLand Hotel. Here's a shot from inside the hotel.We got back from Nashville Monday night then left Tuesday night for Florida. We went to DisneyWorld and also spent a day at the Kennedy Space Center. We had a blast! John and the boys got to ride the new Expedition Everest ride at Animal Kingdom (I don't do roller coasters) and loved it. Just looking around at the stuff they had was interesting. Michael and I had watched some tv shows about the making of the ride and how Joe Rhode had gone to Nepal and bought authentic things for the exhibits. Joe Rhode is the Disney Imagineer in charge of Animal Kingdom and Michael's hero. He told the people working in the gift shop at Everest that they should sell Joe Rhode t-shirts!! LOL!!!

Any 24 fans out there? I don't have a picture of it, but Alex ordered a "Jack pack". He was so happy that it came before our trip. He was lucky, they delivered it about 20 minutes before we left and he quickly packed all his stuff into it. I'll have to take a picture of it to post. It's that green pack that Jack Bauer has carried with him all season. Only Alex's doesn't have guns or grenades in his...just books and his PSP. LOL!!

Better sign off before I totally bore everyone!

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