Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I love TiVo! I didn't even know we are now receiving a new cable channel--The Sleuth Channel--but TiVo did and it even recorded some Simon & Simon episodes for me! I used to love that show! LOL!! I'll have to see how it is now-some 22 years later! The new channel also has Miami Vice and The Equalizer.
Here's another picture taken inside the Opryland Hotel. This is a shot of one of the restaurants in the atrium.

Not much going on today. Watching House reruns with the kids. I've turned both of them into House addicts.

Well, off to bed before I fall asleep at the computer.


~*~ Coralee ~*~ said...

Put the Kettle on Sweetie!!
Only in for a quick one....I'm about to fall asleep at the PC too!!
I have been busy...You wouldn't believe it but I made it into CT at Digital Freebie's !!!!!! How amazing is that!! Hee Hee. I'm tickled pink!!! and purple, blue and green!! Hee Hee. I was wondering where you were too! I have seen a couple of kits you could use for Graduation ( Congratulations there for your son )
Have you been to ?? They have a FREE kit there. Now don't say I don't help you save money Hee Hee. As well as spend it!!! Also have a look at

Paula has a full beautiful kit up for a gift!!! I'm sure you love it!!
I must get over to Khristy's blog to for a visit too!!!
Anyway I'm off ...Thanks of the Cuppa...Hee Hee. Take Care and Have Fun xx

Carol said...

Coralee--CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Yippeee for you!!!

I'll go check out those kits now!! Thanks!

Budd said...

That is my neck of the woods.