Thursday, June 29, 2006

All I want is a movie or my experiences at Blockbuster

What is the deal with Blockbuster lately? I occasionally buy monthly movie passes. For $30 you can rent 2 movies at a time for 30 days. Theoretically, you can get as many movies as you want in that 30 day period. If you rent 2 movies in the morning and watch them, then you can go back later and switch them for 2 more movies.

We don’t do it every month because usually by the end of the month I’m scrounging the shelves looking for a decent movie. It’s been a couple of months and I figured enough new movies have come out to make it worthwhile.

Michael and I went and picked 2 movies. We got to the counter and I told the clerk I wanted the movie pass and he proceeds to tell me all about their online service. No thank you I want the movies now. But the monthly service is..blah.blah.blah. No thank you I’m not interested. But with the monthly service…blah,blah,blah. No, I wan t to watch the movies now. Today. Instant gratification. That’s why I got in my car and drove here. To get a movie not to sign up for an online service and wait until next week to get the 2 movies I am holding in my hand. But, ma’m, with our online service…Again NO! Then he got all huffy and said he was just trying to give me a better deal.

As we were leaving, Michael asked “What part of no didn’t he understand?”

And now for the punchline…I got home and opened the dvd case to watch my movie.

The freaking case was empty!!!! I swear the jerk did it on purpose.


Budd said...

I have a personal boycott on Blockbuster. I refuse to use any of their services. I choose instead to go to Hollywood Video. This is due to a bad customer service experience 6 years ago. I often tell people to not use lackluster video either.

Janna said...

I hate blockusters, I had problems with them a few years ago.

I either get them from netflix or Hollywood....

& the clreck sounds like a dink.

~*~ Coralee ~*~ said...

Hee Hee, You poor thing, All you wanted was a relaxing night watching a Movie!!! Well I hope you got it in the end. Hey Sweetie, Just dropped over to tell you to bop on over to

Don't miss out on this!!! There's a Freebee everyday for 2 Weeks!!!!!

That should keep you busy and you won't need movies...Hee Hee.
Loved the Layout of you and Shawna
It must of been great to Catch up with each other!!! You guys are Lucky!!
Anyway Carol I'm off to do more Layouts, So I'll catch ya on the flip side...Hee Hee xxx