Thursday, June 22, 2006

Carol 0 Charcoal Grill 3
My old gas grill needs to be replaced but I can't afford the one I really want so I decided to wait to replace it. In the mean time I miss grilling out. After all it is summer. So, I bought a small charcoal grill to use in the interim. A cute little grill for $20 except by the time I bought the charcoal, the lighter fluid, the non-stick spray for the cooking grate and, oh yeah, some steaks. Not to mention the ingredients for s'mores (Michael insisted!). The bill came to $75!!! I could have put that toward my new gas grill.

Anyway, I drag the stuff home and follow the directions for getting the charcoal going. It says they're ready in about 15-20 minutes. Ha!!! I got it lit. Came back in 10 minutes and the briquettes aren't even warm so I douse it with more lighter fluid and get a roaring fire going. Still about 30-35 minutes away from actually being able to cook on it. Meanwhile the family is sitting at the table waiting for supper. After supper we find out that because there's no flames like the gas grill, a charcoal fire is not very good for s'mores so Michael opts to make them in the microwave.

Next day, I decide to start the grill a good 35 - 45 minutes ahead of time. I get a good blaze going and come back in 10 minutes. The briquettes are cold to the touch. Evidently the windy conditions are putting the flames out before they can get the briquettes going. Get another blazing fire going with copious amounts of lighter fluid. Same deal. So I drag the stupid grill into the garage where the conditions are less windy. Finally, the briquettes catch fire and start to ash over. But they're still pitiful and the family is waiting for supper. So I bring the half cooked chicken in and stick it in the microwave.

Third day I am prepared. Start grill 45 minutes ahead of time and get amazing blaze going. Come back in 10 minutes and it's looking good. Come back in 10 more minutes and it's ready to use except it's still 25 minutes till supper and my london broil doesn't take that long. Throw a couple of briquettes on to slow it down a bit. Another 20 minutes and hubby calls to say he's going to be 20 minutes late. Charcoal is now practically reduced to ashes. Throw a few more cold briquettes on. Hubby gets home and grill is a nice mix of ashes and barely warm briquettes.

So, I guess if Budd can use his dishwasher as a dish drying rack, I can use my microwave as a grill.

I meant to post this much earlier but our internet was down almost all day.


Bry said...

Hiya Carol
It sounds to me like you're jinxed on the grill front - definitely go the microwave!!! Maybe you can use the grill to display a potted fern or something!

Kristin said...

You need a charcoal chimney! fabulous tool that gets the charcoal started in 15 minutes with no llighter fluid. I don't know what I'd do without mine!

Budd said...

I have a friend you need to see. His name is Hank Hill and he sells propane and propane accessories. Don't tell him about the charcoal, that will scare him.

Carol said...

Bry -- I like the potted fern idea!

kristin -- thank you! I looked on the website and it says availability is 2-6 weeks so I think I'll check at Walmart and see if they have any in their store.

budd--lol!!! gas vs charcoal is like the Montagues and the Capulets or Hatfield and McCoy.