Monday, June 26, 2006

Carol-0 Cannolis 1

The boys were both working Saturday so hubby and I went to Bonefish Grill for supper. We had Mussels Josephine as an appetizer and I had swordfish for my meal. Heavenly! I haven't had swordfish in ages. I had planned on getting dessert too but was way too stuffed to even contemplate it. Hubby and I went through two baskets of bread because we kept dipping it in the pesto and olive oil and also in the juice from the mussels.

After Bonfish I went into the nearby kitchen store, Mi Cucina, and bought some cannoli forms. The boys were heartbroken that I didn't make cannolis immediately upon entering the house. After that meal I didn't even want to think about more food.

But by Sunday, I was ready to tackle the cannolis. I had read about problems with runny filling so I made sure to dry my ricotta by wrapping it in a towel and letting it drain in the fridge. The filling came out perfect. It was the dough that gave me problems. It was very stiff and didn't want to roll out so I put it through my pasta press. Probably not a good idea...I have a feeling that this type of dough should not be handled too much or it won't be flaky enough. I finally got it thin enough and wrapped it around the forms. The recipe said to cook for 8 minutes...after about 4 or 5 minutes the first two had begun to brown beyond recognition. I took them out and put them on a rack to cool a bit before removing the forms to make more. (I only have 4 forms) Only the dough didn't want to let hung on for dear life. By the time I got it off the dough was in pieces. Next ones I made sure were LOOSELY wrapped around the form. They came off much easier some too easily...they popped open in the hot oil. Well... they were certainly easier to fill. LOL!!!

Told the boys that if anyone made a wisecrack about how the shells looked didn't get any. I had planned on photographing them and putting a pic here. LOL!! No way. Although the powdered sugar helped hide a lot, they were ugly but they tasted good...could have been better but it was my first try. I always tell the family that the first time is for experimenting. I think I'll try a different dough recipe and see if that helps.

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