Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenom?
I stopped by my old place of employment today (Chattanooga State Technical Community College better known as Chatt State) for a retirement punch and cake reception. A small group and I get together for lunch sometimes but it's been a few years since I've seen some of these people. And I gotta tell ya, some of them had gotten older. It's so strange how everyone changes but you! Has that ever happened to anyone else? LOL!! I can imagine what they must be saying about me!

The boys and I went to see Cars over the weekend. The boys loved it and I liked it. There was nothing wrong with it but it didn't have the same heart that Finding Nemo had. I do have to say that CGI has come a long way. Cars was visiually gorgeous. Really amazing. I think that's one reason the boys liked it so much. They were discussing the technical side of it and why it was so amazing. Using terms that I didn't quite understand. LOL!!! Anyway, it was a good movie and I can recommend it but I won't be lining up waiting for the DVD to be released. (Like I was for Pride and Prejudice! LOL!) My neighbor took her 3 year old to see it and said she loved it. Her daughter wants to go see it again.

Speaking of Pride and Prejudice...I watched it again. And I re-read Budd's review. And I agree with some of it. I think Donald Sutherland was perfect as Mr. Bennett although not necessarily completely true to the book. I may be wrong but as I recall from the book Mr. B held his wife and daughters except for Jane & Lizzie in contempt. I don't recall much affection on his part. But Donald clearly felt a lot of affection for his whole family and seemed to have a better relationship with his wife than in the 1995 version.

I wasn't even going to see the 2005 version because I thought it couldn't possibly be as good as the 1995 version. And how dare anyone but Colin Firth play Mr Darcy? LOL!! But I heard good stuff and went to see it not once, not twice but three times!!! In my defense I have to say that my son was still working at the theater back then and I saw it for free each time. And I love both Colin Firth and Matthew McFadyen.
And one last thing. I think Keira did a better job of demonstrating Lizzie's growth and maturity during the movie than Jennifer Ehle.

One more last thing! LOL!! I adore the scene where they're dancing and everyone else fades away. So cool.


Budd said...

That fade part was cool. I was like, "hey everyones gone."

Have you seen Bride and prejudice yet. I haven't but it has Sayid from lost in it.

I am very hard on movies based on books that I like. Hence, my harsh reviews on X-Men, Pride and Prejudice, and my total lack of desire to see Memoris of a Geisha.

Carol said...

Yes, I've seen Bride and Prejudice. I thought it was okay, but I'm not a big fan of musicals so I'm probably prejudiced. LOL!! Sorry, that was bad. My son was saying that in Bollywood movies every time there's any sexual tension building up they start singing and dancing instead. LOL!! There must have been a lot of tension because singing and dancing is about all I remember from the movie. I remember Sayid being in it but that's probably because of his being in Lost. I really have to say I liked Monsoon Wedding much better. At least I remember the characters and some of the story line and I saw that way before B&P.

I know what you mean about movies from books. My kids were worried at first about seeing Harry Potter but they've liked the movies.

I'm that way with sequels too. I'm excited about another Pirates movie but I'm also afraid...all I can think about is the Matrix fiascos!

My kids loved the first X-Men movie but I didn't care for it so have no desire to see this new one.

However, one movie I did like and looking forward to seeing again on DVD is V for Vendetta. I thought that movie was so cool. My husband said he finds it hard to believe that the same person who loves P&P so much would also like V for Vendetta. LOL!! I have eclectic tastes. The movie had good reviews but I don't know what the graphic novel fans thought.

Another movie I liked was Serenity. I had gotten it on DVD because my oldest son wanted to see it. I really liked it and he hasn't seen it yet. LOL! I also have the Firfly DVDs but haven't watched them yet. I guess I should've watched them first.

Bry said...

I haven't seen Pride and Prej - would love too - loved the book.
As for getting older - I totally agree!!!! I don't even seem to notice my parents getting older but they're grandparents now - they don't fit my image of grandparents. And I certainly don't fit my image of a 30-something!

Janna said...

I love the 2005 Pride and Prejudice too.

Thanks for the nice posts on my blog.


Budd said...

I didn't read the V for Vendetta comics but people that did said that the movie kinda missed the point.

Serenity is awesome. Firefly was a great series, I would highly recommend setting aside a Saturday to watch it.

Movie that was better than the book: Iron Giant.