Monday, June 19, 2006

Here's a layout I did as a sketch challenge at Scrapbook Bytes. It's from our Grand Canyon/Utah trip back when Alex was in kindergarten.

Not much to report. John went to Atlanta Saturday to see the Red Sox. The tickets for Saturday had been sold out but he kept checking and a few seats opened up. He was 3 rows up from the Red Sox dugout. He was thrilled. He had also recorded the game and when he got home and watched it, he saw himself. He also had a good father's day. His all time favorite movie is Grand Prix, a real oldie with James Garner. It's never been out on DVD. Finally a special edition 2 disc set is coming out in July so the boys pre-ordered from Amazon and are giving that to him. He was thrilled and surprised because he didn't know it was finally being released. The boys were glad to be able to surprise him.

Michael had wanted to see Nacho Libre with Jack Black but the reviews weren't very good so he decided to wait until DVD and rent it at Blockbuster. A lot can be forgiven when a movie is a rental as opposed to spending big bucks to see it in the theater. We usually get a Blockbuster monthly pass every few months so we have unlimited rentals at least for that month.

Well, gotta post this and go pick up Alex. He's working 42 hours this week. Welcome to the real world!! LOL! He had to be in at 7:30 this morning even though the mall doesn't open until 10. Penneys got new cash registers and everyone had to go for training.


Janna said...

I want to see Nacho Libre too.
It looks funny. We are going to waite tell it move to the cheap movies.... in a month

Carol said...

Janna--yeah, it looks like one of those movies that's real funny as long as you didn't pay too much to see it. ;)

Budd said...

I have paid for some bad movies. I get movies from the library. No matter how bad the movie is you don't feel ripped off that way.

~*~ Coralee ~*~ said...

Hey Carol, How you going? Hey that is a Fantastic Layout!!! Sorry I haven't had a chance to drop over this way in while!!! The CTing is keeping me busy and then changing my blog!!! Well you can spend days doing that!! Not a 100% happy with it , But they say a Change is good as a Holiday! Haven't been blog hopping as much but it's Been fun at Khristy's ! with all those guessing games! Love it. I popped over to share this with you, Go and Check out

Look to the bottom of the fonts and there is a download all link. They are Great Fonts !!

Still trying to save you money Hee Hee :)
Anyway Sweetie , I'm off again, You take Care and Have Heaps of Fun xxx