Friday, June 29, 2007

What a Crazy Week

This has been a hectic week...very busy but it feels like despite being busy every minute I accomplished very little. Work was busy too. On Wednesday, the SWAT team showed up and asked if they could use t
he church building for training. lol!! I know this sounds weird but one of the SWAT member comes to church so it's okay. The church may be small in number but it's a really big rambling building with lots of rooms. It's funny to go to the door and have the cops there asking if they can come in. I also got a new computer at work so I've been busy getting it set up and all my info and programs reloaded. It's such a rush when the new computer boots up and you look at the pie chart of the hard drive and it's almost all free space!!

At home, the boys and I went to the movies twice this week. Wednesday we saw Live Free or Die Hard. It was fun and a big hit with the boys. It's almost not stop action but a fun movie. Then today we went to see Ratatouille. Quite a difference but the boys and I loved that one too. It's a really cute movie and the animation is awesome. We went to a matinee but vowed next time we to a Pixar movie we'd go late, late at night. I don't think the really little kids appreciated the movie. It didn't hold their attention all the way through. But a great movie nonetheless. Next week they want to see Transformers. I'm not as excited about that one but I'm not opposed to going.

I finally got the correct book from Amazon. Slices of Life Scrapbooking. I also got the new issue of Digital Scrapbooking in the mail and bought the new Better Homes and Gardens The Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbooking. I haven't had a chance to just sit and read them. I need to make time this weekend.

One more thing. Alex and I watched the new USA Network show Burn Notice. I love it!!! A favorite new show! I got a season pass on my TiVo and moved it to #3 on my list!! Of course i have always loved Jeffrey Donovan. And he is perfect for this character!!

I have pink geraniums in a pretty pink ceramic pot on my front porch. My closeups still leave a lot to be desired but I do manage to capture a few decent ones.


Anonymous said...

Lots going on at your house and job. SWAT teams, new computers, new magazines and books to read. All sounds so interesting. I've about picked a theme and set of pics for my album at your KB challenge.

Carolyn said...

Fun to read & see your diverse update on your latest news. LOL, sounds like there are rarely dull moments at your work, with the SWAT team showing up, etc. Congrats on your new work computer Oh, & great to hear your take on those movies. Ratatouille looks really fun. Am getting a kick out of hearing of your escapades with your boys ~ from white socks in other colors, LOL, to their on the go movie faves. You're a trouper to go for Transformers! Beautiful geranium. Thanks for coming to visit! Have a great day! :-)

Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Man I haven't been on here in a while! I'm so sorry. I LOVE that photo of your flowers, soooo beautiful! :) And I wish I would get my scrapbooking mag soon, I have never looked through one before can you believe it?! LOL Have a wonderful day! :)

Betty Jo said...

We haven't seen Ratatouille yet and can hardly wait. Love your photo of the geraniums. That color pink is soooo gorgeous. Your new blog topper is gorgeous too! xoxo