Friday, June 08, 2007

I got a really cool mini brag book at KB and Friends. It's called For Him Mini Album and am I having fun with it. I scanned in a bunch of pictures of Michael and calling the mini brag book The Many Faces of Michael. I'm going to get a 4x6 album to put the mini pages in.

My much loved (by me and my fine feathered friends) bird feeder is no more. I went out this evening and the metal pole was bent over at a 90 degree angle and the bird feeder was broken and laying on the ground. I know a bird did not bend the pole in half--not even those huge pileated woodpeckers that come. I'm not even sure a cat could have done that. I'm wondering if a dog jumped up and knocked it over. I know I caught a neighbors dog jumping up on it befor and I saw him running loose on the street just before seeing the destruction.

I'll have to go looking for a new one tomorrow...can't let my birdie friends down. I think I'll look for a sturdy wooden one this time.

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