Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I started my album for my Albums R Us challenge at KB and Friends. Check it out here. You can also find credits for my layout there. I am hoping to get a polished, cohesive album assembled and then get it published by Shutterfly.

I started watching MI 5 tonight on BBC America. I got confused a bit in a few places but all in all I really like the show and made sure I got a season pass for it on my TiVo. I really can't wait for The Closer to start back up. Love that show!

Here is today's blog prompt for Tuesday June 5, 2007

Name something you purchased recently that you really, really like.

I guess that would be my new computer and monitor...especially my new monitor. A 19 inch widescreen that I really, really love!!

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Stephani said...

Your album is going to be fantastic! I look so forward to watching it grow and seeing more of your trip. How exciting!

WOW! A new computer well that is definitely a GRREAT purchase. Congrats! That totally rocks!