Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I bought a brag book at Hobby Lobby for those 4x6 layouts I have been doing. I really love this brag book and the layouts look cool in it. I went and bought two more books from Hobby Lobby. I got a travel themed one and a school days one. I may have to go and get one more so I can do one for Alex like I'm doing for Michael's pictures. Here's the other two I bought.

I can't wait to start doing more 4x6 layouts and start filling these two up. I guess I'll be going rectangular for a while! LOL!

I sealed the deck today...finally. The boys pressured washed it for me and I was waiting the 3 days for it to dry before sealing. We're in the middle of the third worst drought in history. Shouldn't be a problem except we got a very small amount of rainfall every couple of days. Not enough to do any good except it would get the deck wet and I'd have to wait again. Well, I finally got 3 dry days and finished it today. It was hot out in the afternoon sun but I wanted it done. If I waited till Saturday when I could work in the morning without the hot sun, I know it would rain again. Can't wait to get the furniture back on the deck but think I'll wait until tomorrow.

Here is today's blog prompt for Wednesday June 13, 2007

Besides sleeping, what do you spend the majority of the hours of your typical day doing?

I guess it would be on the computer. I spend a lot of my time on the computer at work and then scrap on my computer when I get home.

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Stephani said...

Well congrats on getting your deck done that is one big job! I am glad your finally got three dry days. You have much more patients then me. LOL!

I spend most of my time on the computer too although I am not lucky enough to be on the computer at work. But as soon as I get home everyone knows where to find me. LOL!