Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do white socks come in any other color?

We're having sock problems. I have always tried to buy different styles of socks and underwear for the boys. I did this to make my life easier. Well, somehow they've all ended up with the same style white socks. I've tried my best when sorting the laundry but it seems like someone ends up with all the socks. John was complaining he had no white socks in his drawer. He said he had just bought a new pack and now he had none. I went to Michael's drawer and he had an abundance of riches...well, white socks anyway. So I grabbed a handful and handed him some. I told him he should have bought different ones. That's when he asked, "Do white socks come in any other color?" LOL!! Well, do they?

Maybe I should dump all the socks in a basket in the hall and they can just take some as they need them!!

I did this collage layout for Laura Lou's Chatique Challenge week #1. Using lyrics or a poem as inspiration for a title. Credits for layout are here.

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