Thursday, June 21, 2007

On Monday when I post I always plan on posting everyday...I don't know what happens but next thing I know it's Thursday or Friday and I haven't posted again...sometimes when I'm really bad it's the following Monday. Where does the time go? I have an excuse for yesterday and here it is:

I am a big Lovejoy fan and the DVD of Series 1 was released in the US this week. I pre-ordered it on amazon as soon as I heard it was being released. And it came yesterday. Not too bad considering I always opt for the super saver free shipping. LOL!! But it usually ships from Atlanta which is a mere 2 hours down the road from me so I get it fairly quickly. Anyway, it's a 3 disc set (wish it were more!) and I watched the first one yesterday. And I really watched it...I didn't just have the television on in the background while I played on the computer.

I was talking about having watched Lovejoy and finally being able to get them on DVD and Michael asked me again to check and see if the Father Dowling shows are on DVD. He says he remembers watching the show with me and would love to see them again. I guess I'll have to keep checking for that one for him. And for myself. I used to like that show too.

Here is today's blog prompt for Thursday June 21, 2007

Post your favorite recipe of ALL time! Then tell us why you love it so much!

Boy, this is harder than I thought. Considering how much I love to cook and how much my family loves to eat this should be easy. lol!! A lot of our favorite meals don't involve recipes...I just kind of put things together a lot of times or I change recipes a lot after I've tried them. When I was a young housewife learning to cook I would ask my mom for recipes and she give me a list of ingredients on the back of an envelope. When I would ask how long to cook something she'd say "until it's done". I found it frustrating at the time but that's the way I cook now. When we go out to eat and have something we like I will often come home and recreate it in my own kitchen. I'm not saying I can copy fancy dishes or anything like that but I will copy some things at home.

I will post some favorite recipes over the next few days. I'll start with something my family thinks they can't live without since the day I first made it.

Blue Coast Burrito is our favorite fast food restaurant and I totally love their Baja Fruit Tea. I make my own version of it although it's not exact. My family actually prefers my version to the real thing which is unusual since my version is usually just a copy cat to tide us over until we get the "real thing".

Fruit Tea

1 quart of sweet tea
1 can of frozen pineapple-orange juice concentrate
3 juice cans of water

Just mix, chill and enjoy.

My family goes through this as fast as I make it. It's not much of a recipe but it's good!


Stephani said...

Carol that sounds delicious! I am definetly going to try it. I love tea but never thought to add anything to it! That sounds like a GRREAT summer drink! I can't wait. I need to get groceries tomorrow anyway so I will ad that to my list. And it's so simple too! Thanks so much for doing the prompt! I am so far behind. I need to get caught up. Just to busy packing and getting ready to move right now. *SIGH*

H M Hawkins said...

Your version is slightly off on the ingredients the concentrate juices added are actually lemonade and orange juice. However your version sounds pretty good too.