Monday, June 25, 2007

This was a layout I did for a template challenge. Check out Janna's Template Challenge here. My son, Michael, had taken this picture at the Chattanooga Air Show. He said the wonderful shot made up for all the others that didn't come out. LOL!! Thank goodness for digital cameras. They allow us the flexibility to take hundreds in hopes that one will be the keeper. At least that seems to be the way I take pictures. Credits for the layout are here.

Here is today's blog prompt for Monday June 24, 2007

Name 3 foods that are currently in your freezer.

ice cream, corn dogs, pizza hot pockets (can you tell I have teenage boys? lol!)

My Amazon order finally came today!! I was so excited. Then I opened the box. Argh!! I got 1,000 Place To See Before You Die and I had ordered Slices of Life Scrapbooking but they sent the wrong book. So now I have to return the wrong one and wait for the right one to come. They s
aid the replacement should come by the end of the week. Very frustrating.

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Stephani said...

Yummy! I love hot pockets! Especially the Ham and cheese ones! lol!

What a bummer that you got the wrong book. Isn't disappointing when you are so excited and then only to open it and it's not what you thought. I don't like that feeling at ALL! So I know how you feel. It looks like an interesting book. Did you read any of it before you sent it back. lol! lol! lol!

I love your layout. It brought back so many memories. My Dad was an Engineer at General Dynamics for fourteen years and we went to air shows almost every year. We saw the blue angels many many times. They are amazing. I love your page! Just in time for the fourth of July!!