Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I took some pictures in the yard this weekend and scrapped them. I guess I was going through an "orange period" when I did them. LOL!! For the coneflower one I used a cool new kit from Carol Baumann called Inside the Box. I just love all the things I can do with it. Credits for both layouts are here.

Yesterday when I got home from work both boys were waiting for me and wanting to go to McKays--a local mega used bookstore. They have all sorts of books, dvds and cds. So I dragged out the box of stuff I had cleaned off the shelves when I was spring cleaning. We brought the stuff and got $52 worth of credit! Woohoo!! Alex found a coffee table book about weapons and was so excited to be able to get it. It was $15 but with all that credit it was no problem. Michael got his summer reading books...not much excitement there. He's taking AP English and has to read Old Man and The Sea, The Crucible and Huck Finn. He got the first 2 but then we goofed on the Mark Twain. I had a hard bound copy of Tom Sawyer already but when we got to the store we forgot and thought we needed Tom Sawyer so we got a paperback copy. So now we have 2 Tom Sawyers and no Huck Finn. Oh well, that's okay because we had a really fun day. We haven't done stuff like in a long time...probably since they became teenagers. We even stopped at Sam's Club on the way home and bought smoothies. Why Sam's? Because it's the only place I can actually afford to buy 3 smoothies. LOL!! Only $1.28 a piece.

Here is today's blog prompt for Tuesday June 12, 2007

Name a hobby that you’ve tried but eventually gave up for some reason.

that's easy...knitting (and crocheting)

I took classes and learned how but eventually gave up. I don't know why but knitting or crocheting was never relaxing to me. My stitching would start off nice but the more I did the more tense I got and the stitches kept getting tighter and tighter. LOL!! I love cross stitching. I find it relaxing but knitting just got me more tense.

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Mish said...

Wow, Carol, you've gotta love finding junk and getting $52 of credit for it!! I want to visit that store! And I hear you on the knitting...I tried that too as a kid, but never got the hang of it.