Saturday, May 20, 2006

Today is Alex's day! He's graduating high school this evening. I still can't quite believe it. Here's his first grade picture and I have to say that those days feel like just yesterday. I've been scanning in a lot of pictures of him to do some layouts of some of his milestones. I'm sure I'll be posting those. LOL!! I'll post a picture of him in his cap & gown when I can finally get him out of bed!!

Well, I have to go try some more to get him up. He was still in the shower yesterday when his friend came to pick him up for graduation rehearsal. The only reason he was even that far along was because I came home early and dragged him out of bed. He sleeps like 10-12 hours a day, sits in front of his computer for 8-10 hours and works for 4-5 hours at the mall and then complains he has no life!!! Excuse me?! If we (his loving parents) didn't force him to work he'd have time to do all kinds of things like household chores, explore all the college scholarship possibilities, find a cure for cancer...LOL!!! Poor Alex, getting stuck with parents who have tried to teach him about responsibility and the value of money.

Instead of picking on him here, I need to go get him up and be sure he takes a shower before we have to leave for graduation.

I'm sure I'll be back with grad pics.

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Jess said...

I am sure you are soooooo excited. My kids graduating is just so far into the future.. *sigh*

Sure you can scrap lift them.. i would be honored.