Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Here's a layout I did with Khristy's freebie "Astounding:. I saw the colors and I thought of this picture I've had of Alex at Universal Islands of Adventure.

I'm still learning all this linking and html stuff so bear with me. I'm hoping to learn it so I can say get Khristy's freebie here and have it take you to her blog. Even if you don't want the freebie, you should read her blog. It's lots of fun.

I'm hoping to make this one fun and informative too. Well...maybe not informative so much as fun. I have 2 sons and both are currently learning to drive. My hair is getting whiter every day. Why 2 at the same time? No, they're not twins, #1 son 17 and #2 is 15. #1 son wanted to drive right up until he turned 15 and realized how many teens killed themselves in cars. That was fine will nervous mama. Then he turned 16 and still not ready...finally when he was 17 I said it's time! By this time #2 son is 15 and wants his permit. Hence 2 driving with permits. I actually would rather take #2 son because he's not ashamed to drive 20 mph. I tell him to ignore the long line of cars following him. 20 mph is a nice speed! #1 son thinks he should drive the speed limit--gulp!! When you're with your father you can drive the speed limit. But mom, the limit is only 35 or 40. Only? Only?

The area where we live is full of narrow, windy roads with deep, deep drainage ditches on BOTH sides. You can't run off the road if something happens.

Well, that's enough for a first post. Don't want to drive everyone away. LOL!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.


~*~ Coralee ~*~ said...

Knock Knock...Woo whooooo.Put the Kettle on!!! I'm here for a Cuppa and a Fizz Gig at your Creative Corner... Hee Hee. I'm so Glad you got this Blog going too!!! Now I can leave comments a mile long...Hee Hee. Great Layout and Photo!!! You poor thing you must be going crazy teaching BOTH boys to drive!!! My My....This is when you need a Big Paddock and an old bomb of a car and let them go Nuts in the Paddock. At the moment Jasper's alway walks without looking forward he has to look at everything else but not straight ahead...and then bump..I always say...Gee Mummy CAN'T wait until you start driving....How Scary. I can just see it now...there'll be a Chickee babe on the footpath and he'll be taking in the Scenery and then BIG BUMP!!! Have you put finger prints in the Dash Board Yet. You can measure how well their learning by the dents on the dashboard...When they disappear for good...Then they've learnt to Drive!!!Hee Hee. If you want them to go slow....put a brick UNDER the Throttle...Hee Hee Good Luck and Breathe...Just take deep Breaths!! Because Deep Long Breaths Lowers you Blood Pressure...True. Hey Carol you'll have to talk Shawna into getting her Blog up and running too!!! Did you figure the Text on the Path thing...Got a big day happening today but if I get a chance I'm going on a Hunt for a Tut on how to do it.....See how I go. Anyway Sweetie...Keep the Kettle warm..I'll be back again.....Bye Bye.

Carol said...

Coralee!!! I'm so glad you found me! Leave long, chatty comments as many times a day as you want. LOL!! Blogging is so much more fun when you know at least one other person is reading it. Notice I didn't say enjoying it...just reading it!! LOL!!!

DigiSchmidtDesigns said...

What a cute layout Carol! I feel for you...you have 2 boys to my 1...lol With the bubble he is in, he won't be driving until he is 30! I have my fingers crossed for you, that's for sure. But they will do just fine I'm sure. As long as they know the dangers out there that are around every turn, they will be cautious. I'm glad you started a blog! How neat! Now we can read the inside scoop on you too! lol

Jess said...

Your to funny!!!

Love your new blog!!!!

I have 3 boys and i cant imagine trying to teach them to drive.. ughhhh not a day im looking forward to.