Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here's a layout I did as a RAK Scraps challenge. I had a lot of fun with it and hope to use it as the cover for a Walt Disney World album. We had annual passes from 10/2004 until 10/2005 and went SIX times during that 12 month period. We certainly got our money's worth. I am planning to do a digiscrap album for that year and had that in mind when I made this. Now I just have to start scrapping and fill up an album.

Alex (#1 son) and I went to see MI3 yesterday. It was very entertaining. I probably would have enjoyed it even more if Tom Cruise hadn't been in it but no one was asking me when they cast it! LOL!!! Like my son said you have to look past the fact that he's in the movie and just enjoy it. It's a typical summer action flick. We're still deciding if we're going to go see DaVinci. That's what we had planned on seeing but then the reviews were so bad we saw MI3 instead. After we came out of the movie we ran into a friend of my son and he said he and his parents saw DaVince and they all liked it. So we may go again this week and see it.

Went a few days ago to the annual meeting for my younger son's IEP (individualized education plan). They have another new teacher for next year. At the meeting she was all excited and told me all the wonderful plans she has for next year. Field trips, model United Nations and all sorts of scholarship and career planning sessions, blah, blah, blah. I told her that I've been hearing this every year since 2nd grade. That's when Michael was placed in the gifted program. One, two, sometimes three months into the new school year the whole thing collapses. The teacher leaves for a better job or I ask about all the plans and I get "there isn't any money left in the budget for us". We still haven't found out what happened to last year's teacher. He was there one day and not the next. Someone said they saw him working at Steak & Shake Restaurant. Anyway, she said that it will be different this time. I've heard THAT before too.

Has anyone been to the dullest blog in the world?


Bry said...

Hi Carol
We're off to see X-men this weekend - I want to see DaVinci Code too but again have heard bad comments from the critics. On the other hand I have also heard of friends who enjoyed it - I would personally believe them more than a critic - it may not be the best movie in the world but it should still be interesting - I think I'll go see it after X-men

Carol said...

bry -- went to see DaVinci. I'll post about it.

Sharon said...

I love this layout....it will be a fantastic cover page!!!