Sunday, May 21, 2006

My baby (actually he's my oldest but he's still my baby!) is a graduate. We had a great time. The graduation was at 6PM so we went to supper first at one of my favorite places, Carrabbas. Michael didn't really want to go to the graduation but he said going to Carrabbas made it worth going. He even wore one of his dad's dress shirts and his "Masters Jacket". Someone had given him a green sport coat and he looks like he's just won the Masters Golf Tournament when he wears it. Anyway, Carrabbas was fun. Alex had never been there before because he's usually working on Saturday nights when we go. He had mussels and said they were the best he's had. They're cooked in some sort of white wine and garlic sauce that is heavenly to dip your bread in. Alex ate all the mussels but there is always a lot of the sauce left over and hubby said too bad we can;t take it with us. The waiter heard him and said no problem he'd find something to put it in. So now we're all looking forward to dipping some nice warm freshly made bread tomorrow. Guess I'll drag out my bread maker.

Coming home from the graduation, Michael said he has a goal for high school (he's a freshman). He wants to be one of the students up on the stage during the graduation ceremony. It's possible since he's currently ranked 4th in his class. Hubby told him he's got 3 more years to inch his way up closer to #1. Michael said it wouldn't hurt if Mary Rose (currently #1) were to have a "tragic spelling bee accident"! LOL!!! She's been his nemesis (is that how it's spelled?) since the first grade. If he got a 99 on a test--she got 100. Whenever his ego starts getting too big I just say "Mary Rose" and he comes back down to earth! LOL!!!

Well, I'm off to bed. Hope to get some layouts done tomorrow so I can post some!


Kristin said...

Congrats to you and your son!

Budd said...

It may be easier to get on stage now. My sister's graduation had 3 valedictorians and a school in Murfreesboro had 21. I am thinking grade inflation there.

dutchie said...

Congratulations to you and Son #1 !
I still have to wait at least 11 yrs for the first one to graduate.

Carol said...

Thank you kristin

budd--I never trust classroom grades. I go by standardized tests to tell if they've learned anything.

dutchie--seems like just yesterday I was saying the same thing!

Janna said...

Congrat to your oldst DS!