Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I thought I'd post this picture of #1 son (Alex) with one of our kitties, Ping. This picture was taken last fall so Ping has grown some since then but not too much and it's one of my favorite pictures of him. And I'll probably be talking about both the kids and the kitties so you'll be able to picture them when I'm posting about them. It will probably seem like I'm playing favorites with our cats since we have 2 and I'll mostly talk about Ping, but the other cat, Kitty White-Shoes, considers being held, talked to or petted as forms of cat torture. LOL!!!

Coralee asked about fingerprints in the dashboard...they're still there but I'm getting a little better. This might give you a better idea of some of our roads. This was taken on the way to school this morning. I took the picture, #2 son (Michael) was driving.

And this was taken on the way home. Yay! I lived to tell about it. Yes, that is the roof of a house on the right side of the picture. A rather big drop off and yes, there are guardrails but they end before the danger does!!

I hope I am doing this right. For a good time, visit Khristy's blog and Coralee's blog.

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