Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm editing this because I realized I should have said I used Ronnie McCray's Appalachian Mountains kit for this layout. This is her blog and you can find out there how to buy her kits and read her great blog too!
This is a layout I did for a journaling challenge at RAKScraps. The challenge was to do a layout about something that made you sad. I did it about my childhood home. The journaling reads:

The thought that I can’t go home anymore makes me sad. The little red house on Bowden Street will never again be the gathering spot for our family. Ma isn’t in the kitchen making pies and Dad isn’t in the cellar sitting at his workbench and putterinfg with his tools. The house was never grand but it was home. There’s one thing it always was--red! Every time Ma mentioned painting it a different color, Dad replied, “As long as I’m alive this house will be red.” And it was. Even after he died, the house remained red. When you went home for a holiday, you never knew who you might meet. It seemed like a stranger was always seated at the table. Who is this? we kids would ask. The answer was usually something like, that’s Jim’s mother’s aunt’s daughter’s cousin’s neighbor--he or she didn’t have any place else to go today. By the end of the day, they were no longer strangers and when they went home, it was with enough leftovers for at least one more meal and an invitation to come back again--anytime. And of course they were more than welcome to bring their cousin’s hairdresser with them!

Didn't mean to bring anybody down!

And now for the continuing saga of driver's ed...

I keep telling them that just because the other driver has a red light, stop sign or yield sign doesn't mean that they'll do any of those. And my point was proven this morning. On the way to school there's a spot where two roads merge into one like a Y. We have the right of way and the other street has a yield sign. Thank goodness that some of what I've been telling him has sunk in. He slowed down when approaching this spot and thank goodness he did. A driver coming on the other street flew right by us...I don't think they even saw us they were going so fast. I noticed when they got to the stop sign at the end of the merged street they barely even slowed down. I hope this demonstrates for him why I've been saying this.

So people won't think I'm playing favorites, here's Kitty White Shoes since I had Ping yesterday.


Carol said...

Ack!! The link didn't work...maybe because I had edited the original post. But here's Ronnie's blog

Jess said...

Hey carol.. great LO.. love the Journaling. I am a crappy journal person and usually go with a poem or quote so im working on that. Is that house "leaning" in that picture????

Carol said...

jess -- lol!! it does look like it's leaning. It didn't really lean in person. I don't know who took the picture (it was in a box of stuff I got when my mom died) so they may have been leaning or if it's because the street was in the picture. It was built on a hill so it did appear that way if you stood across the street. I could have corrected it but that's the way the house looked so I left it.

I wish I had taken more pictures but when you're growing up you don't realize what will eventually become important. Now that I'm digiscrapping and looking for old family pictures I realize that the ones where everyone is dressed up and posing for the camera aren't the ones I want. It's the daily routine stuff that's imbedded in our memories.

Now when I rush around taking pictures of my family doing everyday stuff they think I'm crazy. Maybe I am but those are things they'll remember and miss.

Ooops, didn;t mean to go on and on!

Sharon said...

Carol....Love your kitty pictures! I can never get such lovely pictures of my Max...she looked just like your kitten about 5 years ago! Thanks for all your kind comments about my are so sweet! I have found the scrapping community to be so friendly! Have a great day!

~*~ Coralee ~*~ said...

Hey Carol!!! Yesterday I had to go to town which is only 1/2 hour away but because we don't go in all that often...We go nutty and do heaps of running around when we do and then by the time you come home your just Knackered!! Today has been a bit busy too!! I love the Red House Hee Hee. It really does look like it's either sinking into the ground on the left or it was built into a Hill?? Hee Hee. I love the Colour ....It reminds me of the Barns that they paint red..I love them. I think your cats are gorgeous too!! I grew up with Simese (where's the spell checker when you need one) cats, We use to breed them...They are very loyal cats and make great guard dogs!!! They'll be the first to let you know if a Stranger is around!! and ours didn't like any strangers (visitors they didn;t know) in the house! They would run up their back with all nails out...whoops.....Anyway Sweetie got heaps to do and a layout to put up in my I must scoooot. Talk again Soon :)

Bry said...

Hey Carol,

Thanks heaps for your comment - my first - that was very exciting!!! LOL Thanks for your comment about my layout - wasn't the kit gorgeous!??! And I love your story about your house - I think journalling is sooo important.