Saturday, July 22, 2006

We're officially a Blue Raider family!
Alex and I got back last night and before I could get caught up with anything we had a big storm and the electricity went out and didn't come back until the wee hours of the morning.

The college orientation was educational, exciting, emotional and most of all exhausting. Alex said when he was filling out all the college apps and FAFSA stuff and all the other stuff he was feeling overwhelmed and wishing he was still going to high school but now he's excited and can't wait for summer to end so he can start school. Haven't heard sentiments like that since kindergarten! LOL! He got most of the classes he wanted except for astronomy. He said he'll try to pick it up on August 18th if he can. The people who haven't paid by August 17th get cut and all those classes are up for grabs at 6AM on August 18th so he said he'll be ready to see what he can pick up or switch.

Even if he doesn't switch, he's very happy with his schedule...his earliest class starts at 1:50 PM and some days he'll be in class till 9PM. I wouldn't like it, but he's pretty happy. I told him he better not call and say he missed class because he overslept!!! LOL!

I'm still coming to terms with this whole thing. I was pretty good up until the parents' session on the transition parents have to make. One dad got up and said he's been through it once already and talked about the transition. He said when his first child went off to college she was just "away at school". Then during that time he came to the realization that she had moved out. Most children don't move back home after college. When he said that the tears really welled up but I looked around at the other mothers sitting at the table and they were wiping away tears too. What that father said got to me more than anything.

I guess I just have to keep telling myself that I'll finally have a craft/sewing/computer room all to myself!! When he comes home for breaks, he'll be in my room not me in his room. LOL!


Budd said...

If he gets astronomy, hopefully he gets professor klumpe. He is excellent. I loved his class.

Budd said...

he shoule also checkout for info on his profs.

Carol said...

Good tip, Budd! I'll tell him.

Carol said...

Hi Carol, just thought I would pop over from Kathryn's site to say 'HI'. Love the cross stitch you did. - Carol