Saturday, July 08, 2006

We went to see Pirates 2 this afternoon. The best word to describe the movie would be--fun! I have read the reviews by the critics--both good and bad and I agree to some extent with both. But, I really enjoyed the movie and moreover, I had fun. What more can I ask from a movie? I didn't go to be educated or informed or anything highbrow. I went to be entertained and I was. So I give it a thumbs up.

There was one kinda weird thing about it. Tom Hollander was in this movie. Pride and Prejudice fans will remember him as Mr. Collins so it was weird seeing him doing scenes with Keira Knightly. I kept thinking of P&P.

And tonight was the season premire of Monk! What fun. I loved watching Stanley Tucci doing Monk. I hope they're planning at least one show with Ambrose this season. I have to admit I still miss Sharona. The show can still be successful without her but I really do miss her especially when I watch an older episode with her in it.

Can't say the same about NCIS. I really thought I'd miss Kate but I love Ziva. Now, I can't imagine the show without her!

I'm working on some layouts and hope to post some this weekend!

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Budd said...

The purpose of a movie is to entertain and it seems that Pirates does this, that is good!