Monday, July 17, 2006

I won the weekly contest at R U Square with this layout!
This picture was one lucky shot. The giraffe came really close to the truck during the safari ride at Animal Kingdom and I grabbed the shot. Usually the digital camera hesitates and the animal moves away and I get a picture of a retreating animal or just trees but this time everything worked out. Makes up for all the bad pictures I took. LOL!

I have also been working on several other layouts and will post those soon. Not too much else going on here except for the heat. Ugh. Our a/c has been chugging away almost non-stop. Thank goodness for TVA and some of the country's lowest electricity rates. I would hate to see how much non-stop central a/c would cost in Massachusetts. Yikes! I laugh when people around here complain about their electric bills. They have no idea.

Off to work on more layouts.


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Congrats And what a great picture!