Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ping's favorite movie is Eight Below! LOL! He sat and watched it for quite some time.

Michael's computer desk chair broke so I took him to Office Depot and Staples looking at new ones tonight. He's having a fit because he's saving his money for a new monitor. He wants a new chair but doesn't want to spend the money. I told him welcome to the club! I told him that's the way I feel when he needs new school clothes or shoes or the millions of other things he's always needing. He'll be 16 in December and we'll both be very happy when he gets a job! He was telling us all the computer stuff he wants when he gets a job and gets some money. Alex laughed and told him not to count on getting much of that stuff. Michael wanted to know why. Alex told him that money doesn't stretch as far as you think. He said there's always something that you need to spend the money on first. Alex has been working for about a year now and I have to say that his attitude toward money has certainly changed. He gets to spend money on video games and such but I also make him pay for haircuts and shoes and clothes. I hope that helps prepare him for when he has to pay for living expenses. His dad and I are paying for his college tuition but he's going to have to pay for some of the stuff he'll need for his dorm room. As soon as Michael gets a job I'll make him buy clothes and such too. He won't like it but thats life!!


Budd said...

ooooooh. A siamese. I have a pic of my cats up on my blot now.

You didn't sign him up for the hope scholarship.

Carol said...

Budd -- yes, he's getting the hope scholarship but it doesn't cover everything and as a freshman MTSU requires that he live on campus so we'll have to pay r&b which I think is actually more than tuition.

Technically, Ping is a tonk but he has the siamese coloring. From what I understand, when 2 tonks breed you can get a mixture of kittens--tonks, siamese and burmese but when a siamese and a burmese mate you get tonks but all that means is a certain color and eye color combination and the ability to show them in competitions as a tonk. Very confusing, I know.

All that matters to me is that he's not only beautiful but he's very lovable and tolerant.

Janna said...

I can relate about streching $$$.
Cute picture of your cat!