Sunday, July 09, 2006

I did another layout. This was for another challenge at RAKScraps. The July sketch challenge. I used the elements from the May mega kit.

We'll be taking Alex to MTSU soon for orientation. My husband found this article in the Boston Globe about how colleges are having to expand their orientations to include more and more stuff to warn students about. Sounds like they warn them about one thing and students find two more things to get them into trouble. I know thye have to make their own mistakes and learn from them but it's hard to let go.

Well, there's a thunderstorm brewing so I'll post this before it gets worse or the electricity goes out. The satellite is already going out.


Budd said...

I am MTSU alum. If he is going to be there on the weekends the only thing to warn him about is being lonely. Around friday at noon the 'boro is evacuated until monday morning.

Carol said...

Budd -- other MTSU alum have told us the same thing. What might help is that a friend of his from school is going to be his roommate (at least we think so since they've both applied to be one another's roomie) so they can hang out together. No to mention that as long as Alex has his computer and the internet he's fine.

Of course I say that now but only time will tell.