Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've fallen behind again with my poor blog! We had a great time on vacation but it takes a while to catch up. We were really lucky with our Disney trip. We had left Friday night and drove to Tifton, GA (about halfway) to stay for the night. The smoke from the wildfires was pretty bad. My sinuses were killing me after just a short time. The next morning the dh had us up and on the road by 6AM. Yuck!! But it was a good thing because when we arrived in Florida we turned the tv on at the hotel and found out I75 had been closed due to the smoke. CNN said it was a mess with lots of accidents and people pulled off to the side because the visibility was so bad. The conditions must have really deteriorated after we went through. It had been smoky but not bad enough to have to stop. Luckily the smoke wasn't bad at all in Orlando. One day we could see a bit of smoke and smell the burning but only faintly.

And we were lucky again on the way home...the smoke had pretty much cleared out and I75 was open.

I've been scrapping some of my pictures. Here's a few layouts. Credits can be found here.

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