Thursday, May 31, 2007

I finally finished this layout for a challenge at KBandFriends. It's for LauraLou B's Chatique Challenge #3 Week #2. Read about the challenge here and see credits for this layout here. I have really been struggling with layouts this week. It's like my creativity and inspiratioj ahve all dried up. And I've gotten some wonderful new kits and still struggling. I know from experience that this will pass but I hate like heck when it happens.

I've been tagged!!! My first time. Janna tagged me so here goes:

List 5 favorite things and then tag 5 people

(Family is a given)

1. Well my cats are part of the family so I'll go with my computer, monitor, broadband and of course my digital camera.
2. Traveling! I love to travel even if it's just armchair traveling. I've been watching the new series 1,o0o Places To Ssee Before You Die. And I'll probably buy the book too.
3. My did I ever live without it???
4. Sitting around the dinner table and getting into wonderful, lively discussions with my family.
5. My home! I hope to be able to afford upgrades someday like granite counter tops and more hardwood and less carpet but if that day never comes I'll still be content here and love my home as is.

My 5 to tag are Betty Jo, Laura Lou, Carol, Linda, Stephani


Janna said...

I am with you and the hard wood floors!! TY for playing!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Good answers!
And I love your blog's new look.

Stephani said...

Ohhhh those are terrific favorites!