Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here is today's blog prompt for Thursday May 10, 2007

What is your favorite font?

This is difficult. I don't think I've ever met a font I didn't like. For scrapping I like handwriting fonts. A favorite would be kgd kimmy.

Now is this the life or what?

Something really cool happened. I used to have a pen pal in Australia. This was way before the internet explosion and emails. Yup, I had a snail mail pen pal. We wrote lots of letters, sent packages at Christmas and she called once on Mother's Day (well, it was Saturday night in the U.S. but Mother's Day in Aus). Then, she moved, I moved and we lost track of one another. I thought about her over the years and especially when email and instant messaging became popular. Then, I went to Walmart to get an oil change and was browsing in the books while waiting for my car. I spotted a book by Maxine Sullivan--my old pen pal's name. Now, you're probably thinking this is a long shot but my pen pal was an aspiring writer. So I picked up the book and found a bio. The author lived in Australia, had 2 sons and lots of previously abandoned animals. That also described my old pen pal. I found her web page and emailed her. It was my pen pal!!! She was surprised and very pleased to hear from me. This is so cool!! We're pen pals again!! Only we don't have to wait weeks for our letters to arrive. I am so excited! Above is a picture of her first book. I'm so glad I'm able to congratulate her after all the years of encouraging her and then losing touch. Her first book was published in Feb of this year so she really stuck with it and I was "almost" there when it finally became reality! So cool!


Stephani said...

That is just TOO cool! I have never known anyone famous! That is so neat that it turned out to be your old friend. WOW!

Maxine said...

Carol, it's fabulous catching up with you after all these years. What a wonderful surprise to get your email!

And thanks for showcasing my first book. It took me over 20 years to get published, but I've hit the jackpot with Silhouette Desire. It's a fabulous line to write for. Romance novels rock!

I'll be sending you a private email soon.