Sunday, September 10, 2006

Henry Winkler signed the shark he jumped!
More autographs.

Alex and his roommate, Don, came home this weekend so I spent the weekend washing clothes and shopping. Alex went back home with 108 cans of soda and a giant shopping bag full of microwave mac and cheese, pudding cups and other snacks and a laundry basket overflowing with clean clothes. We all went out to supper on Saturday night to Carrabba's. One of our favorite places. Later in the evening we went to Clumpies for ice cream.

But the highlight of the weekend was getting to see Henry Winkler. He gave a really great talk about overcoming learning disabilities and don't let anyone ever tell you your goals can't be achieved. One of his messages was that "everyone has greatness in them". My two boys and Don all agreed Winkler gave an excellent talk. I guess that's something when someone can capture the attention of adults and teenagers!

After, he took questions from the audience. My son's roommate has purchased a stuffed shark and they asked Henry to "jump the shark" and Winkler good-naturedly jumped the shark. The crowd loved it. We found out after that Howard Stern has been trying to get him to do that. LOL! They got him to do what Howard Stern couldn't! Afterwared people were asking Don if he was by any chance a Stern intern. LOL! Winkler even autographed the shark. As you can see in one of the above pictures.

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