Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Fall, Y'all!! Sorry, couldn't help myself. lol
Don't these look yummy? I was inspired by the weather finally cooling down a bit and made a batch of candy apples this week. This is what is left of them. I should have taken a picture the day I made them. They always look best the first day. Oh well, at least there was a few left this morning to snap a picture of.

I can't believe it's been so long since I updated this poor blog. Wish I could say it was because I was busy doing all sorts of exciting stuff. Unfortunately, I've been busy but I can't say what I've been doing. Notice I said can't--I didn't say "Won't". I can't because I don't really know myself what's kept me so busy. It's certainly not because I've been productive with doing layouts or anything. I've actually had a bit of "scrapper's block". I guess that's like writer's block or for digiscrapping. I've been looking at layouts on the web and in magazines hoping for inspiration but none of the layouts I start look right and I end up closing Photoshop without even saving. It's strange how sometimes I'll start a layout and the colors are perfect and the elements exactly what I wanted and the page turns out almost as I had envisioned it. I say "almost" because nothing ever seems to turn out as perfectly as I see it in my mind's eye. But lately, nothing seems right...colors don't look good together or I can't find an element that I could have sworn I had. Oh well, I know it will pass. But when??? I guess I need to practice what I used to preach. When Michael was younger, he would be all excited to start a special project for school and have all sorts of wonderful ideas but once he started working on it, he'd get very frustrated. I can't count how tears were shed over some stupid diarama or poster or whatever. Thank goodness the school psychologist was able to help--to an extent anyway. She explained that Michael could picture in his mind what he wanted to do but because of age. motor coordination, etc. he couldn't make the project turn out the way he envisioned. There was still frustration and tears but at least I knew why and that helped me cope.

I'll try not to be so neglectful of my poor blog!

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Janna said...

I am glad you are ok and still around!