Monday, September 25, 2006

Cats hate closed doors!
Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows this I'm sure. Ping (above) especially hates closed doors. So much so that I'm considering getting some of those cat doors--not for the exterior door but the interior ones. Ping isn't as vocal as his Siamese cousins except when it comes to a closed door. This wouldn't be too much of a problem except when it happens at 2AM. Michael claims he can't sleep unless his door is shut. Do you see where I'm going with this? Yup!

Michael often keeps his computer on at night so he can download stuff. His computer has a glowing blue light on it which shines under his closed door. Ping sees the light and figures Michael is awake and since everyone else in the house is asleep he wants in. I wake up and let him in. Of course he realizes Michael is asleep and wants back out. Michael sleeps through the noise so I get back up and let Ping out. I leave Michael's door cracked open enough for kitty traffic. ?Now noise doesn't wake Michael up but he has some sort of radar about his door being ajar and immediately wakes up and goes and shuts it. Ping realizes Michael is now awake and wants back in but Michael is fast asleep again and doesn't hear him. But I do.

So Ping ends up spending the night shut in the laundry room. I'm not sure if I can hear him or I just imagine I hear him--that mother's instinct thing because I know he's crying.

And that's why I want kitty doors!

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Budd said...

I will never know how such a big noise comes from such small and slender cats. Our tonk cries just because it is dark in the house. She also likes to sleep under the covers in our bed.