Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a week!!! My de-cluttering project is going default if nothing else. We have had major internet problems all week. Then the network crashed and we kept getting a "contact your network administrator" message. Our "network administrator" is the oldest DS and he's still away at college. LOL!! But we went and bought a new router and so far so good.

So the decluttering project benefited from my not being able to access the internet. Hopefully those problems are solved (for now) and the spring cleanup is far enough along that I will be going ahead. Maybe a bit more sporadically but I am determined to be clutter free!

And towards that end I parted with my mom's pink dishes. I hated to do it for sentimental reasons but I can't tell the rest of the family "use it or lose it" and not follow through myself. Then I hit upon a wonderful idea. I was inspired by that wonderful designer and friend Betty Jo Martin. She takes wonderful still life photos of her collections. So that's what I did and I created a layout. Now, I can enjoy my mom's dishes without the clutter!! A special thanks to Betty Jo for the inspiration and the wonderful kit, Berries and Cream, I used to create the layout!!


Janna said...

I hope your internet is working now~

Betty Jo said...

Oh my Carol! That layout is soooo gorgeous. The dishes are beautiful. I thought my internet was doing well until this morning when it was out for hours! I sure hope your's is working better now. It is so frustrating, especially when I have comments to leave, kits to upload, blogs to hop, etc., etc. Was it you that mentioned the Neti Pot? If so, I'll let you know if it helps me. I'm having a lot of sinus and allergy problems this year. Probably because I'm spending as much time as possible out taking photos of weeds and stuff. I managed early this morning, before my net went out, to post some weeds to my blog. xoxo

Laura Lou said...

Oh those dishes are wonderful. I would hate to part with them too. that does inspire me to scrap some of the family treasures I am keeping. I think I have photos of about everything, but never did anything with them. Inspiration!!!