Thursday, April 19, 2007

Carol needs...

I saw this over on Janna's blog and decided to try it.

Mission: Google your name along with the word "needs" and post ten results.

1. Carol needs to be developed for future advancement carolpeters.blogspot

I’m all for future advancement!

2. Carol needs a nickname Carol needs to lighten up

Well maybe if I had a nickname I’d lighten up.

3. What exactly Carol needs from the Sun's registry implementation?

Beats me.

4. to carol pam javi and anyone who needs to hear it.

I’m listening

5. Carol needs to be alert during and after delivery

Could we discuss this a little more…

6. Enjoy Carol’s live presentations on DVD1. These presentations are highly ... The six stages of development and what you need to say to validate your child in Carol Peters blogspot again


7. That episode is hilarious and it actually made me want to watch old Carol Burnett reruns. She needs to get a life.

I thought I had one!

8. "Our region needs Carol's voice,

Yes, but what about the nickname thing? Should I get one first?

9. Carol has dedicated her life to people's needs and concerns

Yep, that’s me!

10. Carol needs these materials 5 days in advance of the. event

But will I get them??

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Janna said...

LOL Is n't that fun!!!