Sunday, March 04, 2007

I did this layout for Janna's template challenge. I have always love this picture of my niece and nephew so decided to use it for this. Can't post a link to credits because I keep getting error message trying to get onto Kathryn's site. But will say that I used Janna Billman's free template and Cyndy McAtee's Bless this Bread kit both available at

Well, it's official--our yearly car insurance has TRIPLED. Thanks to having 2 teenage boys with licenses. And that's with the discounts for Alex living on campus and not having a car and Michael's 4.0 GPA!!! A couple of Alex's friends--who already have cars--have gotten speeding tickets. Can't imagine what their rates must be like!

I went and picked up Alex yesterday for his Spring Break. Finally got to meet his new roommate and he seems very nice. Alex has been going with him to the gym and working out and climbing the rock wall. Alex said he really loves the rock wall and I can totally see that. He's always been strong and agile despite his skinny body.

He was supposed to have come home Friday night and John had planned on going after work since his work is 40 miles closer but Alex said he had plans Friday night. It worked out because Alex and I had to cover up the stuff he wasn't bringing home. They're fogging the dorms this week so I brought some trash bags and we covered up what he couldn't fit in the drawers or closet. I can't imagine the dh having the patience to stop and do that.

So now it feels like I have a bit of Alex's junk in every room of the house. And I couldn't even get the door to the laundry room closed last night because of all the baskets of dirty clothes.

And I swear Alex was home for 2 hours and his computer mouse broke. So last night after we all went out to supper we stopped at Best Buy. Guess who got to pay for the new mouse? He gave me a hug and told me how much he appreciated it so I told him he'd better remember this when I was old and senile. He said it was only a mouse and not that great of a one at that! LOL!!!

Gotta go tackle some more of that laundry.


Jen Ulasiewicz said...

LOL you're funny! I loved reading that, thanks for sharing! :) I'm glad I have many many many more years to go before we have to pay for Mia and Pat to have car insurance. I only hope that we live somewhere with lower rates at that time. When we moved out here from Pittsburgh, our insurance doubled! Sorry you had to get a new mouse though, hope you got a nice new one and that it doesn't "squeak"! LOL Sorry had to throw in a little mouse humor. :) Have a great day!

Digi Scribbles said...

Carol that's an awesome LO! Love the hearts especially. I'm giggling over the mouse story. So glad my sons are old enough now to be responsible for their own insurance. I still remember those days when they were living at home though. I actually miss them, but not the insurance payments. xoxox

Anonymous said...

LOL Reading your blog always makes me smile. You tell your life stories so well.