Monday, February 26, 2007

Whew! Been a while since I posted in here but I went through a bit of a dry spell and couldn't make a decent page to save me. The n, the dam finally burst and I was busy making pages as the ideas came flooding through! Here's a few that I made. Credits can be found here.

Watched the Oscars for a while last night but gave up at 11:30 and went to bed. I could tell it wasn't anywhere near being over and 6AM comes way too early. There weren't any surprises so I guess it didn't really matter. All the ones I assumed would win did. I liked The Departed although I think I liked Infernal Affairs slightly more. We' ve been wanting to see Little Miss Sunshine. I've had it on my Netflix queue for a long time and it was finally shipped. It was supposed to arrive last Friday but still hasn't gotten here yet. Grrr.

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Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Wow I really love that last LO from Athens! That door is so pretty and I love the effect you used there. Awesome pages! :)