Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow today! No school for Michael and I stayed home from work too. We live at the top of a steep hill and I'm a chicken. LOL!! The amount of snow that we got would be laughable if we still lived in Massachusetts...certainly not enough to close school. But I'm not complaining! Actually, this is the most snow I've seen here in the 10 years we've lived here. Poor Kitty White Shoes sat by the French door in the kitchen and cried all morning. Even if we get the slightest dusting of snow she wants to go out and see it. I took her out for a few minutes but had to keep a hand on her so she wouldn't run off (she's an indoor cat). I thought she'd be satisfied once we got back in since it was so cold and wet but she continued to sit and cry to go back out. Michael brought Ping out but he wanted absolutely no part of it! He scrambled to get back into the house.

I completed a Jumpstart Challenge for Designer Digitals and took some snow pictures I hope to scrap soon.

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