Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kay Eflin has another wonderful kit. This one is a beautiful 8x8 mini brag book. This one is a picture of my mom circa 1958. I called it "Ma". My siblings and I always called my mother "Ma" I think the name may be a regional thing. My nieces and nephew call my sister "ma" and my mother always called her mother "ma" and her father was always "pa" although we never called my dad that. A friend of mine, Betty Jo, said her husband is from upstate NY and call him mother "ma" too. So, I'm thinking maybe it's a regional thing. My kids don't call me that but perhaps we moved away from the NorthEast before they picked it up.

I also used the kit for a page of my father's aunt and uncle through the years of their marriage.


Betty Jo said...

Hi Sweetie, Both your layouts are super! Yep, I think the Ma thing is regional. Being from the Deep South, I never heard anyone use that term until I met my hubby and his siblings. We called our mother Mama, but you know us southerners, have to put lots of syllables in every word! xoxo

Betty Jo said...

I had to laugh about your jealousy of our breakfast by the river. I'll bet you have lots of beautiful parks and riverside places in Chattanooga to do the same thing. Try it once on a day off, and I promise you'll be hooked. We would be out there every single morning if time allowed. Nothing like waking up with the birds, rabbits, deer, and other offspring of nature. xoxo

Carolyn said...

Oh, what a perfect LO for these vintage photos and memories. You did a great job on these! The colors go beautifully with those heirloom keepsake photos. We used the term "mom". Have had friends who used "ma", and now you have me curious about the roots of these names for mother! So glad you enjoyed the cloud photo. Glad to hear that you were touched also by the post! Hugs, and have a great day! :-)